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Paint For Joy

About Us

Paint For Joy! is a haven for artists of all levels located in St. Albert, Alberta. Since opening its doors in 2001, we have established a reputation as a supportive environment to purchase products, take classes and network with fellow artists. We believe that the joy of painting should not be limited to the “naturally gifted.” Painting is an art that anyone can learn and anyone can fall in love with as many people do it for fun while other do different type of painting as a job like painting houses or industrial spray painting, but there is a type of painting for everyone. Let us prove it to you! Sign up for one of our classes or stop by for a chat with one of our team members.

Carol’s Story

Growing up in Seba Beach, Alberta; owning and operating an art store was not something I dreamed about. Like many rural young people, I moved to the big city at 18, went to school and eventually fell into a career in Human Resources Management. In the 1990’s, I became dissatisfied with the corporate lifestyle and was ready to try something new.

Around this time, I met a woman who taught painting classes at a local craft show. After explaining to her that I “didn’t have an artistic bone in my body,” she finally convinced me to give her class a try. My life would never be the same again. Although I struggled mightily at first, I quickly fell in love with the freedom and creativity the brush provided. After that class, I knew that painting would forever play a vital role in my life.

Early 2000, I quit my job in HR and took up employment in a decorative paint store while continuing to take classes and ply my craft as a painter.

In 2001, with the help of my extremely supportive husband Marten, I opened the doors to Paint For Joy!. Since then, Paint For Joy! has carved out a reputation in the greater Edmonton area as a supportive environment where artists of all experience levels can buy supplies, take classes and network.

Our store name reflects our main objective for existing… to share with others that when we Paint, it is for the Joy it provides. Times have changed since 2001 and Paint for Joy! is now the only storefront shop of our kind in Western Canada.

To this day, I still spend most of my time at the store. I would love to get to know you better and help you with your artistic goals, whatever they may be. Drop by Paint For Joy! today!

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